BIRADIO is bidirectional telealarm operating on the VHF and UHF radio frequency. It is the result of a careful development of the transmission power, communication precision and external irregularities, the peripheral sends variations of the alarm entries to the unit, using the communication protocol, most used, and therefore most compatible with all the radio alarm receipt units.

The system develops the functionality of digital relay for the monodirectional, pocket peripherals and, in R version, bidirectional



  • Eight digital entries (programmable “state” or “alarm”)
  • Tamper for signalling the opening of the system
  • Eight exits with open collector
  • Warning for programmable filter feed network missing /resuming
  • Warning of antenna exit
  • Real control of the battery load
  • Warning when the battery is unloaded ant the stop-battery function
  • Deactivation network of the alarm installation sensors or in combination alternative at an exit
  • Two fully programmable channels
  • Ciphered and authenticated communications
  • Operation as relay for the monodirectional pocket and bisectional peripherals in version R
  • Programming in the field of all the operating parameters by the PC


Safety of communications
Authentication codes: in such manner, the unit may have an exclusive dialogue with the peripherals which are part of their own radio network. A reserve radio channel allows the warnings to alarm and in case of sabotage or derangement of the main channel.


In order to operate the peripheral, we have available a configuration software, section of monitor of which supplies detailed information both on the peripheral activity and on the activity of the identified radio channel, as for example, the receipt relays from a determined zone with the relating radio signal

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