Urmet ATE proposes a complete range of anti-intrusion systems, which stands out for the three indicators:

• integrated a video control system which is activated in case of alarm
• compatibility with already existing systems, also from other manufacturers
• complete management of the system by app

In case of alarm, the camera integrated in the IR sensors records a color video and sends it directly to the system owner’s smartphone.

For all systems

Urmet ATE systems can be used individually for new installations, or can be connected to existing systems (also from other manufacturers), in order to extend the system’s capacity with wireless sensors and get the videocontrol function without changing the anti-intrusion system.

The infrared sensors (so-called “volumetric”) for external and internal areas can be equipped with integrated cameras for the collection of color video.


The entire Urmet ATE range is completely wireless, in order to allow an easier yet safe installation.

icon5 Easy to install and program

Wireless connection represents an evident advantage. Also, due to the intuitive programming process, the system can be configured in minutes.

icon6 Control from the user’s smartphone

Using Urmet ATE’s apps makes it is easy to activate and deactivate the system and view videos, even from remote: just a tap and that’s it.

A complete range

Totally wireless devices.

  • On-board GPRS or LAN/ADSL interfaces
  • Infrared sensors for internal and external areas with built-in camera
  • Magnetic contacts for doors and windows
  • Smoke sensors
  • Internal and external sirens

High versatility

The anti-intrusion system is flexible and powerful.

  • It can extend and improve the existing systems
  • Elegant design for control units and sensors
  • Smartphone control
  • Simple installation, wireless
  • 4 years battery lifetime