Discover Urmet ATE’s technological solutions for Surveillance Institutes:

Urmet ATE stands by its customers every day with expertise, professionalism and a wide range of products and services:


  • remote alarm devices on RADIO, ADSL, GPRS carriers
  • Linux-based alarm centralisation multiprotocol
  • Custom design of hardware and software packages
  • 24/7 technical support


Ate Argo

Ateargo, the fruit of specific experience acquired for more than twenty years of activity and of a continuous and always innovative development, was the first unit for the fully developed surveillance developed on the Unix/Linux platform, an effective and stable operating system (Red Hat/Fedora distribution) which allows to benefit best from the technology offered by

Contact Evo

THE EVOLUTION OF REMOTE ASSISTANCE: Contact-Evo is the new solution developed by Urmet ATE who integrates an evolved telephonic platform to the AteArgo software which allows the automation and acceleration of various activities related to the normal operation of the Unit, strongly reducing the management times and risk of error. The resources result optimised, with

Other modules

The unit for surveillance institutions AteArgo may be endowed with the following optional software modules: Communication Server Allows the unit to bidirectionally integrate with all its IT systems, assuming the Front End functionality. Reloadable user Allows the surveillance companies to manage “reloadable” contracts with its own clients, offering them the possibility to simply activate /



The Urmet ATE remote alarm communicators will allow security companies and end users to have a wide repertoire of solutions for the management of the control and intervention through all available technologies. This way you can design every system and every service provided on the basis of user needs and in accordance with the local

Anti-intrusion Wirless Sentry

Sentry is the intelligent anti-intrusion system with video and inter-phone check which allows a different management of the anti-intrusion installation: no false alarms or useless exits from the surveillance team. Actually, the video is directly transmitted to the tele-surveillance unit, allowing to check if it was about a real danger situation or just a false

Anti-intrusion by cable

A versatile and reliable anti-intrusion system: The new MP500 system is the ideal solution for performing the anti-intrusion systems for all exigencies. It is easily scalable in order to satisfy domestic, business or industrial needs; it can be managed from mobile devices with access to the internet (Smartphone, Tablet) it can integrate a surveillance telecamera

Video surveillance

Video surveillance is an important and fast developing sector of security, subject to a variety of technological integrations. The Urmet ATE offer for the video surveillance is complete, completely integrated with the newest communication and safety technologies of the Urmet Group and is addressed not only to the protection of private properties, but also to

Fog machines (Nebbiogeno)

ONLY 5 SECONDS IN ORDER TO FULLY FILL AN ENVIRONMENT! Nebby is the innovation and effective range of safety fog machines. What is Nebby? Nebby is a fog system protecting any environment from thefts and vandalism. Actually, Nebby is able to generate thick safety fog filling the environment in only 5 seconds. The fog released

Personal Tracker 3.0

PERSONAL TRACKER 3.0 is a portable terminal increasing security and control. Able to immediately connect, PERSONAL TRACKER 3.0 monitors moving individuals and objects, discovering their coordinates. The terminal allows for geo-localizing to be performed in precise manner. By simply pressing the alarm button or in case of falling, it is possible to be localized and


APP Vigilate

VigilATE is the application developed by Urmet ATE for the surveillance institutes. A perfectly applicable solution to all connections, custom and immediately available. Device, Operating Unit and the alarm system are constantly connected. The information is managed in total safety by the Urmet Cloud platform. Controls various systems, in a blink! For each and every