MYOSOS is the new family of solutions for remote assistance by Urmet ATE.
A new way of conceiving remote assistance, based on a simple APP that guarantees real-time sharing of all information.

The product:

The family member easily configures the devices, receives the alarms and notifications relating to the patient and can also share all this with other family members, using a single APP. Pressing the alarm button on the remote control or on the terminal sends a notification to all the smartphones of the family members.
The activity calendar and medication reminder functions actively support the client in everyday life. The safe zone function allows you to instantly alert family members about the patient’s movements. The integrations with gas sensors, fall, existence in life and flooding complete the offer, allowing complete monitoring of all the most common causes of domestic danger.

MYOSOS guarantees the forwarding of emergency requests, even in the absence of electricity thanks to the support of a buffer battery.
The MYOSOS remote control with a high degree of impermeability, is equipped with a long-lasting battery that allows use over time up to 5 years.

How does it work

MYOSOS includes three packages designed to offer maximum safety in all conditions of use. All this thanks to a single remote control equipped with a double communication channel: 869MHz radio to communicate with the terminal, and Bluetooth® to communicate with a smartphone.

in every place and in every condition

outside your home

in every place and in every condition

The appliacation

APP assisted version: possibility of sending alarms, definition of medication and activity reminders, Geo-fence function.

APP assistant version with functions of: historical notifications, multiple simultaneous monitoring of multiple clients, management of groups of assistants, definition of safe areas for the client, definition of medication reminders and activities, monitoring of the status of the terminal.