The carbon monoxide (CO) gas sensor responds the safety need in all those cases when bad combustion or the irregular operation of the heating systems may lead to dangerous situations for the user. In case the CO concentration goes beyond 40ppm, the sensor gets into alarm anticipating the damaging CO concentration for the human body. This intervention time/ concentration is set by European Normative EN 50291.

In the same method, the methane gas and GPL sensors are useful in order to discover gas leakages due to bad maintenance or bed operation of the home appliances, like the heating station. All the gas sensors, in presence of gas concentration lower than the danger limit activate sound and light warning and sends the alarm to the terminal.

The sensor has the purpose to identify the movement of the person inside a habitation sending, in case of need, a possible warning. The sensor positioned in a strategic place of the habitation allows to identify when an old person is passing by. The absence of such identification for a configurable period up to 32 hours activates an alarm for lack of movement. The sensor is endowed with ON/OFF switch, which shall allow one to turn it off in case of extended absence from the habitation (e.g. during holidays) in order to avoid false alarms.

The flood sensor responds to the domestic safety need related to risk conduct, due to bad maintenance or bad operation or in case the user forgets things. The flood sensor consists of two parts: the radio transmission part connected to a probe by a 1.5m cable. The probe controls the possible presence of liquid and in case of identification by the radio unit, it sends a warning to the terminal. The radio unit does not deteriorate as it is positioned higher than the probe.

It is about a device to be preferably applied to the belt, in order to be able to identify if a person falls. It incorporates two sensors which identify the impact to the ground and the position of the body. Therefore, the fall sensor activates only after having identified the impact and horizontal position.

The concomitance of these two events generates a prealarm step of approx. 15 seconds signaled by a sound warning, when the user may block the signaling procedure by pressing the specific button. In case the procedure is not blocked, the sensor sends by radio a demand for help to the helpline terminal which generates an alarm appeal to the Operating Unit. The device also includes a second attachment which allows the activation of immediate demand for help, like a normal remote control.

The fall sensor manages as well a warning related to low battery. The duration of the batter under ordinary conditions is approx. 12 months.

A highly qualitative watch which integrates the function of an alarm remote control: Urmet Ate thought about it.
Safety, discretion: the high precision watch hides the function of alarm warning, giving the user freedom and spirit amongst people.

The watch is characterized by a casual and clean design, an adjustable and custom made belt. The remote control is positioned right below the screen: it is enough to press in order for it to connect to the assistance terminal, which sends the demand for help to the unit.

In a small object, all that can be useful in order to assure the user: there is on the screen a led which lights after the demand for help has been sent, in order for it to show the user that such appeal was successfully sent. Compatible with Assist 4 and Assist3 869, this new radio remote control with 200m flow in open air, is strong, robust and guaranteed IP67.

Besides the use by a bracelet, it can also turn into a pendant remote control to be worn around somebody’s neck.

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