The unit for surveillance institutions AteArgo may be endowed with the following optional software modules:

  • Communication Server
    Allows the unit to bidirectionally integrate with all its IT systems, assuming the Front End functionality.
  • Reloadable user
    Allows the surveillance companies to manage “reloadable” contracts with its own clients, offering them the possibility to simply activate / deactivate the surveillance service by sending a with the password of the order and the activation/deactivation order.
  • Oral
    Guarantees the traceability of all the actions of the operating unit related to the alarm and supports the operator to manage events.
  • ArgoSound
    Automates the management of certain signalling by an automate vocal call to the phone number of the client who had generated them.
  • Fast Call
    Composes automatically a number form the contact list of the user in the alarm, avoiding errors or lost times. The operator shall only respond and wait for the user’s answer.
  • Messaging
    Allows the unit to automatically send SMS, FAX, E-MAIL, to the numbers set in the registry, for each and every alarm and therefore announces the patrols and clients.
  • Printing method
    Relates and makes available all the archives data, gives the possibility to perform any type of search, interfaces and information sharing with other systems. It allows the creation of indices for the estimation and evaluation of the interventions. It opens the integration system of new functionalities, amongst which mapping.
  • Installer Mode
    Thought in order to exempt the operator from surveying a new installation. Gives the technician the possibility to connect to an Ateargo unit, using a software on a tablet or a laptop in order to receive the list of clients which need to undergo a generic intervention (installation, maintenance, repair etc). In order to perform such intervention, the installer may act on the system by checking from the device or mobile by correctly receive the alarms in the unit and the lecture/activation result.
  • Video mode
    There is a new application which allows the AteArgo work stations to connect to the video server, video-interphones and telecameras IP combined with peripheral tele-alarms. The software is fully integrated and allows the beginning of an audio/video connection to the spot where such alarm started, it may be installed on several work stations and may be used contemporaneously by all the operators.
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