The safe and user-friendly remote assistance system.

Assist4 GSM is the innovative and functional remote assistance designed in order to guarantee maximum protection to the elderly, to persons with disabilities and mobility impairment. Simply touching the alarm button on the device or the remote control button allows you to quickly get in touch with the Operating Unit and automatically activates the help transfer to the domicile of the assisted person.

Assist4 GSM is easily positioned in any home or apartment: it only takes little space, has neutral colors and can be installed horizontally or vertically. It friendly user as it only has 3 orders and intuitive icons. Due to bidirectional functioning, the Operating Unit may control constantly the status of the terminal and discover any anomaly in real time, quickly interfering for restoring the system.

Functions available only for Assist4 Gsm:

• Control of the level of the GSM field on the terminal, with sending an alarm to the unit in case of level below the scheduled threshold for an extended period of time

• Backup of the alarm by sending SMS in case the unit is not accessible by normal call

• Depending on the de Bridge for the SMS. The terminal transmits the SMSs throught the units allowing to know the warnings from the remote assistance unit upon the maturity of the SIM card or of the remained phone credit.

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