Ateargo, the fruit of specific experience acquired for more than twenty years of activity and of a continuous and always innovative development, was the first unit for the fully developed surveillance developed on the Unix/Linux platform, an effective and stable operating system (Red Hat/Fedora distribution) which allows to benefit best from the technology offered by the market.

• Compatible TeleAlarms management RADIO AE (Proteus, Proteus Espanso, UPR, Varenne high speed
• PSTN phone telealarms management
• GPRS/GSM telealarms management
• TCP/IP telealarms management
• Remote assistance Management
• Creation of N remote operators distributed within whole the national territory
• Procurement of automatic video from ATEARGO unit after an alarm
• Management of browser accessed video systems
• Video portal services

Feb 14 2017
For operating units, Surveillance institutions,
Alarm telemanagement, Anti-breaking, centrale di vigilanza, Helpline, Management of patrols, Safety, Security agents, Surveillance, Telealarm,