A versatile and reliable anti-intrusion system:

The new MP500 system is the ideal solution for performing the anti-intrusion systems for all exigencies. It is easily scalable in order to satisfy domestic, business or industrial needs; it can be managed from mobile devices with access to the internet (Smartphone, Tablet) it can integrate a surveillance telecamera with KONNEX standard installations. Due to the new MP500 system, MP500 offers the possibility to obtain the supplies of the great systems for home, at the company or at store.

A system adapted to all needs:

The modularity of the MP500 system allows the use of the same peripheral devices (readers, keyboards) on all the units of the range. The system may be extended, according to its own needs, by cable or radio.

Certified quality:

In order to guarantee its safety, the range was already certified according to the European norm EN50131.

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