PERSONAL TRACKER 3.0 is a portable terminal increasing security and control. Able to immediately connect, PERSONAL TRACKER 3.0 monitors moving individuals and objects, discovering their coordinates.

The terminal allows for geo-localizing to be performed in precise manner. By simply pressing the alarm button or in case of falling, it is possible to be localized and to directly communicate, due to the speaker integrated in the device. PERSONAL TRACKER 3.0 is extremely compact, has low management costs and is intuitive and easy to use.


  • SPEAKER COMMUNICATION due to high sound quality
  • WARNS automatically the desired numbers in case of falling
  • SENDS help demands and performs calls by simply touching a key
  • SENDS alarms in anti-theft mode
  • INDIVIDUALIZES the geographic position upon request and sends the alarm
  • RESPONDS to entry calls by simply touching a key
  • RECEIVES entry calls directly entering the communication
  • LOCALIZES no more than 5 geographical surfaces and sends alarm calls in case of exiting the set perimeter
  • QUESTIONS the device from the operating unit or from other mobile devices
For companies, Peripheral, Peripherals, Surveillance institutions,, Tele-assistance
Anti-aggression, Anti-panic, Anti-theft, Geo-localizing, Helpline, Personal safety, SOS,