myoSOS is an innovative and functional emergency call service terminal, designed to provide maximum protection for the elderly, as well as people with disabilities or reduced mobility. myoSOS is easy to install, aesthetically appealing, and simple to use. This device complies with the modern standards to use. This device complies with the modern standards of telecommunication networks, guaranteeing emergency call forwarding.

This is a new way of conveiving emergency call service through a Cloud infrastructure, wich guarantees real-time sharing of all information. myoSOS can be activated through a simple configuration via APP on smatphones.
Users can send an alarm signal by pressing a button on the terminal or on the remote control available in both the neckband and wristband versions. However, outside their home, users can ask for help by using a dedicated APP.
The operating centre constantly monitors the status of the terminal and detects anty anomaly in real time, intervening promptly to restore the system. mySOS can be updated remotly, which garantees to have the latest firmware version and add new features.
The offer is complemented by the integration of gas, fall, life and flood detector package. These allows complete monitoring of all common causes of danger. The myoSOS is even compatible with ATE be/CONNECT, the Urmet ATE SIM connectivity solution offers roaming capability with any telephone provider, transparent costs, web menagement, and dedicated profiles.
myoSOS complies with the European frequency for social alarms. This device is the most reliable choice for the seafty of loved ones becouse it is the result of Urmet ATE’s many years of experience in the field of emergency call service.
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