Sentry is the intelligent anti-intrusion system with video and inter-phone check which allows a different management of the anti-intrusion installation: no false alarms or useless exits from the surveillance team. Actually, the video is directly transmitted to the tele-surveillance unit, allowing to check if it was about a real danger situation or just a false alarm.

The sensor with MotionViewer integrated telecameras registers the intrusion, by shooting for 10 seconds. The operators in the units may check the identity of the intruder without moving from its own office. Sentry is integrated in the AteArgo unit and is more than just an alarm system. It is a new generation section for goods and persons safety, specially studied for the guard bodies.

• Residential and public
• Commercial exercises
• Shops and halls
• Sites and temporary installations

• Installation and accessories all by radio, with optional feeding
• Sensor with integrated telecamera
• Ease of management
• Range of accessories
• Elegant design

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