URMET ATE has been part of the URMET Groups in Torino since 2003, but its history and experience started much earlier under the name of ATE-TVS. The company is active in the field of surveillance institutes since 1991, and since then it has designed and manufactured specific applications and devices.

After a short time the national and international market had proved to appreciate the company’s technology and its convenient price/quality ration, and this trust that has been maintained across the years.

Another fundamental feature distinguishing URMET ATE is the extreme care for the client: an efficient after-sale service, active 24 hours a day, and a constant operative-managerial cooperation in order to bring on the market products that are always updated in the same line with the real clients’ needs.

Thus URMET has strengthened its presence in the world of safety, besides the integration with other systems within the Urmet Group.


The URMET ATE Staff relies on a high professional level.

The specialisation, the technical experts and the experts liable for development and production work together each day in order to guarantee the quality of products services.

The in-house Customer service completes the portrait of an attention entirely focused on the product as well as on the client’s demands.

Urmet ATE also disposes of an internal technical office, designing and developing all the strategic products.

Due to these reasons, the company can create ad-hoc solutions for any customer.


Being part of the Urmet Group ensures an important synergy and the company’s capacity to continuously develop new technological and innovating solutions.

The Urmet Group represents an outstanding example of integration of international competences and dimensions in order to offer global solutions to its partners. Being founded in Italy in 1937, the group knew how to develop on an international level and today it holds an important position on the global market.

The Group designs, develops and sells systems in the following sectors:

– Communication and safety
– Electric power administration and saving
– Telecommunications

In Italy Urmet Group is the unchallenged leader in the field of video-intercoms, intercoms, automations and access control, for professional anti-intrusion systems, anti-fire and video surveillance; for private apartments to urban requalification, up to public infrastructures. Empesto proposes to be global partner for the product quality and service efficiency.

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URMET ATE implemented the provisions of the law project no. 231/2001, and so it approved an Organizational Model, a model for administration and control (Model 231).


It is also endowed with an ethic code, that is integrant and substantial part of the Model itself, among which the Chart of Moral Duties defining the ethical-social liability of all those taking part into the reality of the company.


By using these instruments URMET ATE wants to prevent irresponsible or improper behaviors on the part of those activating in the name of the company, introducing a clear and explicit definition of the ethical and social liability towards diverse internal and external interested parties.

URMET ATE Sr.l. has also adopted a VISION 2000 compliant CSQ-IMQ-certified quality system.